Dear Valued Customers,

It comes to our attention that FlexOffice fake products appeared in the Southern Philippines market. Fake products fall short of FlexOffice’s quality standards. To avoid buying fake products, please pay attention to the following verification figures.

1. BOX   

 Box of REAL FO-GELB036 products:

  • Right FlexOffice logo: the pinwheel is in RED, blue, green & yellow colors;
  • Quality printing with high resolutions and fresh colors.

Box of FAKE FO-GELB036 products:

  • Wrong FlexOffice logo: the pinwheel is in BLACK, blue, green & yellow pale colors;   
  • Poor-quality printing with low resolutions.       


2.1. Press mechanism

Real: feeling smooth & effortlessly easy to press & retract.

Fake: feeling stiff. The press mechanism works badly and needs more finger pressure.

2.2. Barrel and pen tip


Quality plastic and sharp finishing;        

The shape of the tip is fully shown.


Low-quality plastic; The shape of the tip is not fully shown

2.3. Decal barcode label


  • Poor barcode label with low resolution;
  • FlexOffice logo is not bold.


  • Quality barcode label with high resolution;
  • FlexOffice logo is printed in bold.

2.4. Ink tube

Real: More ink; code of production date is printed on ink tube;

Fake: 20% less ink in the tube; no code is printed on the ink tube.

Be advised that FlexOffice is not responsible for any quality problems that may occur as a result of the use of fake products and any products purchased outside of FlexOffice’s authorized sales channels are not warranted by FlexOffice or supported in any circumstances.

We, therefore, urge that, to avoid purchasing fake products, customers only purchase FlexOffice products directly from FlexOffice’s authorized distributor –SQI Int’l Group Corp. We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

As the trademark owner, we shall proceed with necessary actions to enforce our rights and to tackle the manufacturers and/or traders of the fake goods. If you have any information about fake products, please contact us at the followings:

Phone No.: +63 2 8367 3386 (SQI)