Forbes Vietnam recently announced a list of 50 listed companies in 2019. It is the 7th year that Vietnam Forbes has voted, and this is the 7th consecutive year Thien Long is on this list thanks to impressive business results and steady growth over the years.

To make this list, Forbes Vietnam uses the ranking method of Forbes (USA), considering the characteristics of listed companies in Vietnam. Data used for evaluation are based on the audited financial statements of five consecutive years in 2014-2018. The capitalization of companies in the list is finalized in mid-May.

With the main activity of stationery, TLG is one of 3 companies in the household industry among the top-rated enterprises. In 2018, despite the economic fluctuations and concerns about the prospects of the stationery market, Thien Long recorded growing revenue which increased nearly 14.3%, reached VND 2,856 billion. It is a high growth rate in the last three years. Besides, thanks to excellent cost management and proportion of raw materials management, TLG still has had a net profit margin of 10.3%. Thien Long’s profit in 2018 reached over 294 billion dongs.

The manufacture in Tan Tao Industrial Park, Ho Chi Minh City

For more than a decade, Thien Long has constantly consolidated and increased the position of the No. 1 stationery company in Vietnam with a distribution network of 65,000 retail outlets spread across the country. Furthermore, TLG continuously invests in modern technology to improve production capacity, human resources and distribution system, expand value chain, and seek opportunities for cooperation and development to reach the most significant goal: to become the Top 1 Southeast Asia Group and lead Asia in producing and trading stationery.

In addition, the company constantly invests in modern technology and production lines. Currently, the automation rate at TLG has reached more than 75%, helping to increase productivity with a constant number of employees.

Forbes Vietnam judges that Thien Long Group organizes production scientifically and competes with cheap Chinese products, and Thien Long’s leadership is susceptible to grasping new movement trends and deploying marketing activities on a digital platform to promote Thien Long brand the right customer.