🎬 Title: Education in Today’s Generation: A Gen Z’s POV

🎯 Objective: The contest aims to spotlight the significance of knowledge and education in today’s digitalized educational landscape, from the viewpoint of Generation Z.

📝 Brief: Participants are tasked to produce a short film lasting between 3-5 minutes. The focus of the short film should center on the importance of knowledge and education within the contemporary digital educational environment, as perceived by Generation Z. The overall script should delve into how this transition influences the relevance of conventional school materials in an age progressively dependent on digital tools. Furthermore, the films must incorporate FlexOffice products while conveying the theme of “Good Value For Money.”

📽️ FlexOffice Short Film Contest Terms & Conditions

🔍 Eligibility: The Short Film Contest is open to all

👥 **Group A:** High School  
👥 **Group B:** College Students  

👍 Interested participants/group must like and follow the FlexOffice fan page.  
👩‍🏫 Each school/group must designate a group representative  

📝 Registration:

✔️The appointed group representative must complete the registration form ( bit.ly/Short-Film-Reg-Form ), including the submission of a copy of their school staff ID/PRC ID.  
✔️The appointed group representative must also agree to the terms and conditions of the competition, ensuring that all participating minors have parental consent.

📋 Submission Guidelines:

✔️The appointed group representative should submit their entries via the provided link. bit.ly/Short-Film-Submission-Form
Accompanied by a brief introduction about the short film along with your Short Film Poster (2592px x 3840px).  
✔️The duration of the film must last between 3-5 minutes, including credits.  
Submissions must be in digital format and must be uploaded to the designated platform by the specified deadline (April 1- June 15).

🚨 Reminder:

✔️Each school/group may submit up to three videos, each representing a distinct entry.  
✔️Only the top 10 videos will progress to the Semi-Final Round and be eligible for voting as “The Most Favorite Short Film.”  
✔️It is crucial to refrain from copyright infringement in submissions, including the unauthorized use of music or videos, as this may result in disqualification.

🏆 Criteria for Judging:

30% Showcase a short film with a good, meaningful message related to the theme.  
20% Creative Concept  
30% Movie Quality  
20% Brand Relevance and Appearance  

🎁 Prizes:

Note that there will be different set of winners for each group (Group A: High School; Group B: College Students)

1st Prize: 💰 P50,000 Cash  
2nd Prize: 💰 P30,000  
3rd Prize: 💰 P15,000  
The Most Favorite Video: 💰 P10,000  
Consolation Prize: 💰 P3,000 (each of 7 non-winning teams)

🎁 Special Awards:

Best Script: 💰P10,000 

Best Performer: 💰P5,000

📜 Rights:

✔️By submitting a film to the contest, participants grant the contest organizers (FlexOffice Philippines) the non-exclusive right to use, reproduce, distribute, and display the film for promotional and educational purposes.  
✔️Participants retain all rights to their films and may use them for marketing promotional purposes.

🤝 Liability:

✔️The contest organizers (FlexOffice Philippines), its staff, and affiliates, are not liable for any loss, damage, or injury incurred as a result of participation in the contest.  
✔️Participants are solely responsible for any claims related to their submissions, including copyright infringement or defamation.

❌ Disqualification:

Any submission that violates the contest rules or contains inappropriate content will be disqualified.  
The contest organizers (FlexOffice Philippines) reserve the right to disqualify any participant found to be in violation of these terms and conditions.

📝 Amendments:

✔️The contest organizers (FlexOffice Philippines) reserve the right to amend or modify these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.  
✔️Any changes will be communicated to participants through the designated channels.


Participation in the contest constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.  
Participants agree to comply with all rules and decisions of the contest organizers (FlexOffice Philippines).