If you accidentally forgot to erase the words written on the whiteboard and now can’t erase them, don’t worry! There are many quick and easy solutions to help you remove ink stains without damaging the whiteboard.

1. Use FlexMarker Whiteboard marker

Try to cover the ink stain. Make sure the pen is not dry and has a lot of ink left. It doesn’t matter what color palette pen it is.

Use FlexMarker Whiteboard FO-WB03 to remove ink stains

2. Remove ink stains with a clean whiteboard eraser

Use a FlexOffice whiteboard eraser to rub around the ink stain to create friction gently. Whiteboard ink stains contain alcohol, so they will quickly evaporate and fade away with an external force.

3. Repeat the above process if the ink stains are not completely clean

You may need to redo it several times to remove the ink stain completely. You can try using an ink stain remover, but that contains the same solvent as a whiteboard marker pen, sometimes even weaker, so the FlexMarker whiteboard marker is more effective.

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4. Use common household products

Pour a small amount of hand sanitizer, alcohol, or acetone-free nail polish remover onto a whiteboard eraser or a towel. Do not use any abrasive scouring material, such as Clorox or granular materials, as this will scratch the board’s surface and leave a permanent stain.

  • Wipe the ink stain with a wet whiteboard eraser.
  • Wipe the board with a clean eraser to remove any remaining traces; otherwise, these substances will interfere when you write on the board.
  • Dry the board thoroughly before use.

5. Use pencil eraser

Use a pencil eraser to scrub the ink. Use this method only if other methods do not work, as rubbing can damage the board’s surface.

Source: WikiHow

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